Perhaps they also don't

Perhaps they also don't know how to approach their new team and are unsure about what is expected of them. You could use Perceptual Positions for every part of this situation. Getting the client to look at the situation from the perspective of their new boss and doing a skills analysis from this perspective would give them confidence. They were employed for the role therefore someone has faith in them and seeing their skills from this perspective will help. Seeing the role from the perspective of the job and the organisations might yield clues as to direction, goals expectations. Looking at the new team's perspective and then getting the client to plan their approach from this and the organisation's perspective might give them a different view of how to meet, motivate set expectations with the new team. Also, getting the client to imagine a future version of themselves that is happy, comfortable and settled in the role may help. But what if you took a neutral, observer perspective on the difference between the two and develop the action plan to take you from the current state to the future state? The illustration above was just to demonstrate how a foundation level NLP Tool could be used in multiple ways in a single coaching situation. The reality is that there are many powerful NLP Techniques a good coach will employ for you to get results. As an example, whatever you happen to be doing there is an ideal frame of mind associated with it. Athletes recognise this as being in the zone or a flow state.

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